Please click on our Faculty Page for detailed bios on our 2019 FACULTY FOR BOTH COMPETITION STYLES.


We will have 3 Judges from out of Province (most of our 2017 faculty will be from the U.S.A.) + 1 Special Awards Judge at each of our Elite Venues. They will all be well qualified and well rounded with ample previous judging and teaching experience (mainly consisting of Studio Directors/Teachers and Examiners). Their bios/headshots can be found on our faculty page.


We will now have 3 Marking Judges + 1 Special Awards Judge for our SEPARATE JUDGES/DISCIPLINE venues.


The competition is divided into five sections:

i) Tap
ii) Jazz, Lyrical, 
iii) Acrobatics, Open
iv) Hip-Hop
v) Musical Theatre, Song & Dance, Vocal, Production
vi) Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Demi-Character


Each section will have separate judges who specializes in that form of dance to give the dancers optimum critiquing benefits. There will be one Judge for the entire weekend who will be well rounded in all disciplines and 2 other Judges who are specialized in the dance forms they are Adjudicating. By having SEPERATE JUDGES per dance category, the mental fatigue of extremely long days will be eliminated and the judges will be able to mark the dancers to their full potential and give the dance studio families a different take on the typical Judging System. The Overall Awards will be given at the last adjudication of every dance section. For more details on the overalls breakdown please refer to our Overalls page.


There will also be one other judge who is specialized in all forms of dance and will be watching the entire competition to determine ALL of the special awards for each adjudication.