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Registration Info

  • Entries must be entered and COMPLETED on our Online Registration Portal no later than December 23rd, 2023 for all Regionals any late submissions will incur a 10% LATE FEE. Payment Deadline for ALL CANADIAN Regionals is December 23rd, 2023 NO EXCEPTIONS. Payment Deadlines for all USA REGIONALS IS 60 Days Prior to the Event, NO EXCEPTIONS. We prepare our tentative schedules for ALL REGIONALS in January for ALL REGIONALS IN 2024 and therefore all information must be submitted to us prior. We cannot release Tentative Schedules unti payment is received in FULL.  There is always a limited amount of performance time available at each event. All entries must be from a studio and are limited to the amount of performance time available. 

  • Entries are not considered received in the office without full studio payment and all dancers registered online with BIRTHDATES INCLUDED. All entries received after the deadline MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY A CERTIFIED CHECK OR MONEY ORDER (space permitting). Absolutely no cash refunds after deadline date. Deposits and Entry fees are non refundable, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Dates and Faculty are subject to change. The entire L2D Faculty is scheduled to teach in every city. However, since they are often choreographing, performing and/or touring on Professional Jobs, their schedules sometimes pull them away from our previously arranged tour dates at the very last minute. On the rare occasion a faculty member is called away, L2D will replace him/her with an equally qualified professional. faculty and Schedule is subject to change without notice.

  • Faculty and Schedule is subject to change without notice.

  • All L2D Dollars awarded, Free Routine Scholarships and Convention Scholarships MUST be redeemed the consecutive season. These cannot be saved for future seasons. If you are awarded a free entry for a SOLO or CONVENTION PASS, the named recipient must use it. These are NON TRANSFERABLE 

  • Scholarships awarded are a BONUS. We are fortunate to have many Scholarship Providers every season. We do not guarantee every Overall Soloist will receive a scholarship, but we do our best to award as many as possible depending on the number we are given to distribute each season.  We cannot guarantee they will be local to your hometown. Please note that receiving a Scholarship at any L2D Regional or National is an EXTRA BONUS for our participating dancers because we want to encourage growth.

  • In order to redeem a free Solo or Convention Scholarship, you must be entered at L2D with the studio that you received that award. All Solo/Convention Scholarship information is on the Certificate, please reach out to the respective providers for more information on how to redeem.


  • Should a birth certificate be required to verify age it must be present at Competition (or copy).

  • Deposits are required to secure your spot and are non-refundable. They will be used towards your final balance due.

  • A $65 service fee will automatically be assessed for any and all checks returned to Luv 2 Dance from the bank.

  • A 10% late fee will be assessed for entries and/or monies received after the deadline.

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